A rose by any other name

Still on the name front…I did, of course, invent myself whole. There are reasons for both first and last names…some rational, some whimsical and, thinking back over my upbringing, an intriguing question mark now over “Jane”. Ask nicely and I might get back to that. 🙂

But I have invented myself with but the two names. Or occasionally three: my old surname sometimes double-barrelling with Fae, mostly in academic circles. Otherwise, though, no middle name.

And maybe there should be one.

If there is to be – and I am not at all sure yet that there will – it needs to fit two criteria. First, it needs to work with first and last names and create rhythm and music. Second, it needs to please me. Thus, in terms of rhythm, I could just about see “Abigail” working.

A three-syllable name providing a series of gentle arches linking the front and back of my appellatory edifice feels like it sort of fits. But to be honest, can anyone really see me adopting THAT name. Er, just in case there is anyone out there that thinks I might: no!

With apologies to anyone else who happens to be called Abigail, it is definitely not for me.

Of course, two-syllables might provide a stronger bridge: Jane Alice Fae. Hmmm… somehow no. Though the rhythm works.

And not necessarily sticking to A, either: A was my previous middle name, but branching out…I have a whole 25 other letters to play with.

Dunno. It is a whole new world now – not just physically. There is a tiny bit of pressure to add a middle simply because call centre bods seem so disappointed to find I haven’t one. On t’other hand, that seems a bad reason.

Jane Judith Fae? No way!

Jane Karen Fae? Nah…

Jane Lucy Fae? Puh-lease! (and far too satanic…)

No. A middle name, it seems to me, is a chance for whimsy…or at least something that brings a smile to my lips if not to any other’s. So either something will materialise during a dream some night. Or it won’t.



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  1. 1

    Lucy Melford said,

    Lucy satanic? Oh I see: Lucy Fae = Lucifer.

    I used to have a middle name in former days, but always thought it was an irritation. I always had to spell all parts of my old name, and the middle one just lengthened that tiresome routine by 50%.

    Be staunchly individual. Stick with two names only.

    It might matter more what title you take. I’m ‘Miss’. ‘Ms’ makes me vomit.


  2. 2

    Sabine said,

    Always rewrites itself to Jane Fail for me – profession related, no doubt. It seemed an odd choice to me but I guess there is no accounting for associations. At least the spelling is over fast.

    My own last name takes ages to spell. I might take on the last name of my boyfriend if I actually got him to marry me but that would leave me with the initials SS. Those are totally unusable in Germany – at least with SM you only get smirks. Middle names are not used here but I have 3 given names, only one of which I regularly use. The other two are my grandmothers’ names, which is a fairly common tradition.

    If you want a middle name you never have to spell out, how about Maria? JMF would make nice initials, too. Or do climb up your family tree a few branches and see what crops up.

  3. 3

    Shirley Anne said,

    On choosing names one must also think about what names were popular at one’s birth. A contemporary name probaly won’t always be suitable for someone of age. I wanted a middle name because although I liked the name Shirley I felt it need something to compliment it so I chose Anne. It annoys me when having asked what my name is, some people immediately shorten it! When that happens I insist on them using my full name. What is the point in having a name if no-one uses it? Jane is one of those names that isn’t easy to abbreviate.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  4. 4

    Adam said,

    Alternatively, you could style yourself with a title: Lady Jane Fae?

  5. 5

    Evelyne said,

    My husband insisted that the children should have no middle name because it is so much quicker to write and sign without a middle name. Always seemed like a bad reason to me, but now my son suffers from (and I think it is a suffering especially while transitioning) gender dysphoria and wants to be known as Megan, I am quite glad she can also choose a middle name if she wants. But as for your middle name, I think a non traditional name that would give a bit more power to your last name would be Lee. Jane Lee Fay would sound a bit like “Jane Le Fay” as in “Morgan Le Fay” of Arthurian legend.

    Hope the search is fun.

  6. 6

    Samantha said,

    I discovered that my previous name of “andrew” was the 13th most popular in the USA in the the year I was born … 13th most popular for girls was Samantha … thank god cause I love it!!!

    Sam xxx

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