Very unChristian

Those who read my blog regularly will be aware that i am quite positive when it comes to Christianity and LGBT stuff. Sure: go trawl the fundy sites and you’ll find some nasty stuff of the hell and damnation type.

But in terms of personal experience, i have also found some seriously charitable deeply tolerant, Christian (in the way i was always brought up to understand it) behaviour from real people. Which is why i get so hot under the collar when i read articles like this one from the Sunday Times in Perth, Western Australia.

The lede pretty much says it all: homework given to 14/15 year olds at Armadale Christian College asks pupils to consider homosexuality is “the sickest sin” in a school assignment.

Possible, i guess, that this is just a teacher being provocative in order to stiumulate lively debate. One of the reasons i would make a bad teacher in today’s highly ordered climate: i’d have no prob setting such a title with a view to getting pupils to challenge the view…and i just know that some people would think that merely asking people to challenge the view could be tantamount to endorsing it if one didn’t make it absolutely clear that one was.

SO i shall reserve final judgment (ooops! no biblical allusion intended) until the investigation by the Department of Education reports back.

But if i had to rush to judgment? I have a suspicion, a sinking feeling that this is not challenge, but regrettably Christian homophobia.

The piece also reports that the assignment points children to bible quotes describing homosexuality as an “abomination”, and describes “coming out of the closet” as “open sinning”.

Ye-es. I guess that would make sense if the assignment also pointed the kids towards quotes describing christian fundamentalists as “a bunch of intolerant bigots who will be the first into the pit on the Last Day”…but somehow i doubt it does.

Ah well. Hatred is alive and well in sunny Australia.



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    Shirley Anne said,

    Got to agree with you. I am a Christian myself and I wonder why my so-called brothers and sisters react to homosexuals/lesbians in this way. Whilst I agree also that, according to Scripture, these ‘afflictions’ are described as being detestable to God and for me that is enough, I also believe that it is not the nature of the beast that is being referred to rather the execution of it. In other words there is nothing wrong in being either a homosexual or a lesbian but it is seemingly wrong to practice those things. Therefore we, as Christians should be loving toward people such as those who are this way just as much as we should be loving to all of our fellow human beings. This is a fundamental commandment, not a suggestion but a command. However, as we have been given control of our own lives, many decide to follow their own beliefs, disregarding what God says. Who are we to judge? What people get up to is between themselves and God. No, I say love is the answer. As for asking children to write an essay regarding the validity of homosexuality, whether it is ‘the sickest sin’, is totally a wrong thing to do. It would be better to teach them about Jesus, about being Christians, about loving one’s neighbours et al. At the end of the day ‘What would Jesus do’? ‘What would Jesus say’? Well these questions are answered in the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  2. 2

    Christina Steel said,

    Those seeds who have fallen upon the stoney ground (Matthew 13:1-23) forget that my God made some foundation rules & wrote them in stone – simple rules about blasphemy, adultery & telling lies – bearing false witness. Until those rules are followed, all else is nothing

    Those seeds who have fallen amongst the thorns forget there is more to Our Lords teaching than the Tora (Matthew 5:43-48. Love your enemy), & fail to understand Christ’s teaching about Grace

    All we can do is pray for their eyes & hearts to be opened to the truth of Our Lords love & forgiveness

    Christina xx

  3. 3

    Evelyne said,

    I am a Christian too and I think it needs to be repeated again and again that Jesus’ prime commandment – apart from loving one another and loving God – is “Don’t Judge lest you be judged”.
    In fact, I find it very hypocritical of your average Christian bod who may or may not indulge in sexual relationships with members ofthe opposite sex to dare to tell homosexuals that they are not allowed to express their love of a particular person in a personal way. Having said that, there are good sociological and medical reasons why some types of sex (which homosexuals are not the only ones to do) are not good practice anyway. The truth is sex is a huge pitfall for loads of us and we must not judge. We must be careful! And we must try to find ways of loving people that are outside the realm of sex – that way we can extend loving gestures outside the realm of our sexual tendencies and stop sex from being a tiny little room without even a window…
    Thanks, Jane, for bringing up the topic.

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