Back to front on dilation

I guess some of you are going to think this is a somewhat arse about way of posting stuff.

As, having gone on and on about dilation for the last umpteen weeks, only now, for those not intimately aware of what it involves, am i going to do the detailed explanation bit.

Partly, that’s cause i was pre-occupied with doing it …and like most pre-occupied people, i suspect i forgot how little those not doing something may actually know about it. For while dilation is supposed, ion theory, to take up just two hours of your day and you’re not supposed to let your day revolve around it and etc., etc., the reality, by the time you’ve laid stuff out and run baths and tidied up and maybe just lain back and had a rest is that its been taking closer to three.

Which is a large chunk of every day.

Which is why the pre-occupation.

The other reason for getting up to date with this is that i am getting just that bit more techno and just about catching up with the last wave of phone/net/cam technology. So, in future, i hope to be adding other things to these blogs. Like pictures. Sound. Or – shock! horror! – sound and pics combined.

I think they call them movies…

But here’s the pic:

These are the important bits of the paraphernalia. Very obvious if you think about it. Maybe less so if you don’t.

On the left, the thing that makes this all possible: the KY…the lube! Although shortly, it appears, i am to move to something called sylk. Silly me: i get the KY on prescription and, assuming sylk to be that much more expensive a product, had been putting off asking if i could shift to it.

But because you use that much less of it, it works out cheaper. So when the present batch of KY is gone, i shall be taking sylk. Though in a mostly non-barristerial way.

The two luminescent things on the right may look like dildos to the uninitiated. But they ain’t. For, as they are prescribed for purely medicinal purposes, they are officially dilators and therefore not sexual at all. Honest!

The little one is 2.5 cm in diameter…the bigger is 3 cm …and, maybe not quite thinking medicinally, i am now contemplating purchasing the next size up. 🙂

And finally the pink squirty thing is what i use for douching. IT is described, in the catalogue of the sex toy emporioum from which i purchased it as a streemmaster ™ “anal douche”…although it most certainly has not been used in that way. However, the nurse at the clinic where i had my op recommended it – albeit in hushed tones and something of a whisper – and so i did as instructed.

I am told that my personal details will not be kept on the system of the company from whom i made my purchase. We shall see.

If, in the run-up to xmas i start to receive junk mail seeking my endorsement (and cash) in respect of a range of even more exotic anal toys, then i shall know they lied.

And there you have it…the tools of trade, or at least of my daily routine.

Those who have passed this way already will have known all this anyway. Others, the curious, the soon to pass this way, may find it of more general interest.



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  1. 1

    Sabine said,

    About the spam: you know there are brick and mortar stores where you can buy the tools for cash? No name necessary and unless they have someone follow you home I doubt you’ll ever hear from them again.

    Hint: take a bit of time and Andrea with you and bring a wad of cash once you are physically (st)able in the nether region.

    Oh – if you do post vids, don’t make them autoplay. My boyfriend has been asking about that peculiar apple-green (I take it you are red/green blind?) site already and I don’t want to have to explain any peculiar sounds to him.

  2. 2

    Thank you for posting this intimate glimpse in a public forum, Jane. I know from personal experience how challenging it can be to feel that you ‘got it right’. and I’m impressed by the matter-of-fact, conversational tone you managed to convey. I knew this information already, but I suspect that many of your readers will not. Wishing you the best experiences in and with your body.

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