Broken Britain: an appeal for facts

The why of this apeal is mostly in my last post. I think the Broken Britain campaign is just such a bad idea if you’re an establishment politician with a dodgy background to your name. But that’s Cameron’s look-out, and who am i to gainsay him?

Still, I am a girl with a strong sense of right and wrong, as well as a nose for bullshit and a hatred of all things hypocritical. So i am appealing to you, my readers, for information.

Its a bit like “shop a rioter”, which has seen so much mileage in the press recently. Only this is about hypocrisy.

Take Wandsworth: they claim that their action in starting to evict council tenants associated with criminality is just standard practice. But is it? Anyone who lives in Wandsworth (or any other council pursuing this sort of vendetta) with evidence of criminality unpunished, please let me have it.

If you know of local councillors accused of criminal activity and NOT removed from office (or their homes, if they are council tenants) please let me know. If you know of council tenants evicted, please tell me. And if you know of criminals not evicted, i’d like to know that, too.

Meanwhile, pride of place in my appeal goes to anyone with a close acquaintance of the Bullingdon Club. Did you know any members of same? Can you substantiate the claim that they ran a “damages” fund? Do they still? Are you aware of crim damage they carried out? Are you aware of any named individuals responsible damage?

Guess what: i’d like to know. πŸ™‚

(Wow! I’m starting to sound like a bad pastiche of crimewatch!!).

All the same, any help you can give would be gratefully received.



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