Ill Met by Moonlight

Announcing the launch of a bold new police procedural crime caper series.

You will laugh: you will cry at the comic chaos that ensues when a British Prime Minister, desperate to put an end to a total disrespect for his authority (Boris Johnson) sends for top US cop Bill Bratton – and accidentally ends up employing his bumbling younger brother Ben instead.

Now read on. . .

Episode 1: Desperately Seeking Bratton

In which Prime Minister Dave Cameron is snubbed, mocked and harangued by his evil twin and Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Ignoring warnings that his rolodex is broken – and in need of some tough love – he orders officials to send an urgent telegram to America, summoning top cop, Bill Bratton to his side.

Their invitation lands, instead, on the desk of small-town sheriff, and Bill’s younger, dumber, brother, Ben . Impressed, inebriated and in a hurry to escape his creditors, Ben catches the next plane to London, where a mix-up at the taxi rank sees him dropped off at Soho gay bar, the Westminster Palace.

His consternation deepens as he discovers that “rimming” is not a UK police tactic for containing rioters and his mission almost ends then and there, as he misunderstands a polite request for a fag – and shoots a passer-by in the head.

Disaster is averted at the last minute with the surprise arrival of his brother Bill, in London for a weekend to attend a convention of the International Riot Shield Spotters Association.

Ben makes his way to Downing St and. . . the game is afoot.

Cast (in order of appearance):

David Cameron Rik Mayall

Ben Bratton George Gaynes

Boris Johnson Johnny Vegas

Bill Bratton Sean Connery

And don’t miss. . .

Episode 2: Bill and Ben (and Boris) make free

In which evil genius and Mayor of London Boris Johnson seeks to prove that Ben is really Lesley Nielsen – and have him locked up for cannibalism.

All looks bleak for Ben, as he is found downstairs at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, with a knife and fork, stood over the decaying remains of the Liberal Democrat Party.

Disaster is averted at the last minute with the arrival of brother Bill, who has just touched down in London for the start of a two-week contract to train Prime Minister Dave in the art of tying his own shoelaces.

Special Guest appearance by Harriet Harman as herself (Pussy Galore)

Apologies…i just couldn’t resist. 🙂



2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Katrina2 said,

    LMAO. Episode 3 soon, please.

  2. 2

    Natacha said,

    I think Episode 3 should contain some sort of gunfight at the OK Whitehall when Evil Sherriff Boris and Wandering lunatic Dave “dunno” Cameron both shoot themselves in the foot…

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