Making assumptions…

It is nice when the church tries. The catholic church, that is.

And i am left with a sort of wry smile about my face when it tries and doesn’t quite get it.

This week, the church celebrates the feast of the Assumption. That is the day (August 15) when according to church teaching, Mary was taken up into heaven. Cue massive amounts of mariolatry: and intriguingly, this is one of the few, perhaps the only event, on which a Pope (Pius XII) has ever pronounced “infallibly”.

(Basically, the majority of papal statements, however brusque and authoritative they may sound are NOT infallible, allowing the church infinite wiggle room for later discovering that they hadn’t quite got it right first time).

Anyhoo…it being the good lady’s heavenly birthday tomorrow – and consequently a bank holiday across half of Europe – today’s intercession prayers were mostly for and about women.

Oh. Intercession. For those not familiar, that’s one of the free form bits, mid-Mass, where matters of concern to the congregation may be raised. Prayers may be for matetrs as broad as world peace…or as specific as for the recovery of a local member.

So after we’d done all the ritual stuff, up stepped a member of the congregation to ask us to think of…those campaigning for Women’s Rights…for women suffering violence…for women fulfilling a role in their family…and so on.

Good stuff – espesh the fact that it started with those two BIG issues.

Just a shame – and this is where the wry smile came in – that the prayers were read out by a well-respected stalwart, a veteran of the weekly mass…by a bloke.

Ah, well. Perhaps it’ll be a woman NEXT year. 🙂



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    spirifer said,

    The deacon always reads the bidding prayers at our church. He’s 90, and has an incredibly strong Irish accent, so a lot of it gets lost in translation.

    It sounds as if you have some very progressive writers of bidding prayers in your congregation – good news!

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