Not all plain sailing


Its been mostly upward since the op…and out and about since wednesday. But not completely upward, with today being a case in point.

In peterborough, this morning: pottering around and doing a little banking (itself a major and somewhat unnecessary chore brought on by stupid bureaucracy). Back home this afternoon and flaked on the sofa. A tiny bit of bleeding earlier, but thankfully not much. In and out of sleep in that slightly uncomfortable way i have drifted in recent weeks.

As in: sleep doesn’t so much rest me as leave me feeling very befuddled. I don’t wake: rather i drag myself out from the depths.

And then to the kitchen to make some food. Reaching for the cupboard…and everything went black. Or slowly blackening. I think i muttered something like “Help!” Not that the three teenagers stood by seemed to notice.

Everything in slow motion and folding down to the floor. No drama. The next thing i knew, various bods were trying to insert a cushion under my head. And that’s about that.

Apart from the roller coaster. Hmmm. That’s back, i hope only briefly. The roller coaster is there, used to be there, as precursor to migraine.

First the ups and downs. Then the flashing lights. The narrowing tunnel that your vision becomes. And finally the banging headache.

Luckily i didn’t descend that far tonight, but i tottered on the edge. Major sugar craving: andrea nipped out to tesco and brought back fudge…and i probably just consumed more fudge in one go than i normally eat in three months.

Another piece and i’d be feeling sick…but for now, the sugar seems to have the migraine at bay (weird, it often does that) and apart from mild headache, no ill effects.

I’m guessing this is just a side-effect of doing stuff after not having done stuff for a few weeks. That and my usual low blood pressure swinging just a tad lower than usual. I am being threatened with the GP on Monday and may just take up the offer.

Just occasionally, medicine has its uses.

Ho hum! Back to slow recovery again.



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