Calmer waters…

…and returning to normal, by way of a visit to the out of hours walk-in service in Stamford.

Last post was written during a temporary lull, whilst i felt a bit better and decided there wasn’t actually much to worry about. Then i wandered to the bathroom and found myself back on the floor. Not fainted. But near as…

Then the roller coaster and the fuzzy lights, which are a good predictor of migraine, at which point we decided it might be worth talking to a qualified medical person. On the phone, they tick boxed us through the most obvious. Nope: not a heart attack. Probably not a stroke…Is she drunk? Huh? Cheek!

And at the end, politely suggested i ought to see a Doc tonight. So off to Stamford with boy in tow. He, in the end, proved useful, as once at the hospital/medical centre the safest mode of transport seemed to be wheelchair and…just give a six-year-old the chance to wheel a parent round and watch them go!

Doc was sympathetic if ever so slightly bemused. We were not entirely sure whether to give him detail or let him lead. Problem was: having explained i’d just had grs, he was a tad hazy on what that involved.

“So, what does that involve?”, seemed a bit of a giveaway question. It felt almost unfair then trying to explain that i had had some sense of elevated body temperature during the last few days dilation.

Oh dear. Dilation? One could see his mind racing: of what? For what purpose?

However, in the end, he pronounced my experience a “classic faint”, possibly related to post-op trauma and coming off the pain killers. Plus, maybe, standing up too fast. And the fact that i am secretly a lizard and, even under supposed stress was still turning in a BP of 110 over 70…

So go home. Lie down. If i feel a migraine coming on, its back to the painkillers…and that’s about that.

I’m not totally healthy. But i’m not about to explode either. So that’s broadly good news. Am now feeling mostly better – albeit a tad light-headed.

i shall get some sleep and see what the morning brings.



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  1. 1

    kerri (australia) said,

    thats so funny , i bet when you left jane he ran to the books to read up on it all, makes you wonder what he learnt in med school, I suppose it is only a small hospital and they probably dont come across this much, so you have given him an education, which is good..:)

  2. 2

    Jane said,

    Doctors never fail to dissapoint me, yet I guess they can’t know it all….

    Hope you o.k angel . At least “Teh Boy” got some fun out of your hospital adventure ;P

  3. 3

    To be fair to the doctor, as someone who works in technology there are lots of areas which I only learn about when first presented with a project covering it. If he went away and did some reading on GRS then he will have learned something.

    Sounds to me like a combination of low blood pressure, being post-op and regular discomfort from dilation. Interestingly, my dad has just had his blood pressure tablets reduced to zero after they worked too well and he blanked out in the road. Suggest rest and plenty of liver to eat 🙂

    • 4

      janefae said,

      ha! been seeking offal for a bit…even posted about it. And managed to lay my hands on some kidneys yesterday. But local Tesco no longer sells kidney, no longer sells chicken livers either.



  4. 5

    andrea said,

    ‘rest’ was the other thing the Doctor suggested…. rest and go from lying/sitting with some caution.
    Seems you really do have a black spot for the word REST.

  5. 6

    Oh, the other thing is that I reckon there’s a bug doing the rounds: Mrs D was wobbly when we went to the National Gallery last week; my neighbour had been a bit unsteady all week; I was listless yesterday; and someone keeled over in church this morning standing up for the Pater Noster.

  6. 7

    alexkingsley said,

    Hope you’re on the mend soon. My good friend Vanessa was in Tesco last week and manged to keel over. She put it down to low blood-pressure (it’s happened before) but when attending CHX GIC next day they told her she had gastric flu.

    Having gone to stay with her 2 days later, even I could tell her it wasn’t gastric flu, more like mild food poisioning. CHX GIC should stick to what they know, what they’re supposed to be good at – hip replacements? And yes, I share your views on the medical profession, formed at the tender age of 18 when they ‘treated’ me for back pain. But I’ll stop there before this turns into a rant.

    Anyhoos, hope you’re feeling better soon.

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