More pies, please

Two days late. But its still a funny story, if you haven’t seen it – and one that gives rise to all manner of further imaginings.

If, that is, you have a mind as warped as my own. 🙂

I took a little flak a week or so back for cheering on the custard pie guy – Jonnie Marbles – who planted a cream pie sort of in Rupert Murdoch’s face. It wasn’t exactly three cheers, since i shared certain reservations about the incident: like, it confused attacking Murdoch with attacking the majesty of parliament (wotever!); and it didn’t really succeed in deconstructing its target, in a way that something wittier, better staged, might have done.

Nonetheless, having been brought up on direct activism of the ’60’s and ’70’s, and being steeped in Situationist argument about using event to deconstruct established views of society, i can see how there could be a role for some similar future action.

Which is where the flak came in, with some critical of the very idea that i would endorse “violence” and “assault” (oh dear…that’s just so pious and, whilst it may be an honestly held argument, it does sort of rule out any counter-argument from the off): and others taking my half-hearted support as signifying much greater approval for what did feel like a wasted opportunity.

So let’s bury that for now and celebrate another, unrelated incident, in which an elderly gent has suffered gastronimc assault at the hands of a mini-celebrity muppet. Step forward Paul Daniels who, it was reported this week, had to be taken to hospital with head injuries after being hit in the head with a pizza thrown by none other than mute glove puppet, sooty.

According to the Sun (uh oh!), and re-hashed for the Telegraph: “the incident happened after Daniels complained that in a first take of the scene, the pizza had not been thrown hard enough.

“But as the puppet – operated by co-star Richard Cadell – hurled the Italian dish a second time, Daniels was injured.”

Sadly (?) after a brief visit to his local A&E, the wily magician has now made a full recovery and will almost certainly be appearing in panto as per usual this winter.

Makes you think though. There just isn’t enough slapstick on our screens any more, whether we’re talking children’s TV or the grown-up variety.

And there’s definitely – perhaps following the retirement of John Prescott – not enough slapstick in politics.

Time, perhaps, to bring some back. So in the interests of high comedy (and low politics) i pledge to do my utmost this autumn to arrange a return match between the winner of the Murdoch match and a political commentator without equal.

Nick Robinson, eat your heart out.

We’re talking Rupert Murdoch vs. Emu (with or without a ghostly Rod Hull in attendance).

Now THAT would be entertaining.



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