Medical staff scandalised…

Oh dear. I knew this would happen.

On the plus side: i now have KY on prescription. This is a godsend, given the amount of same i get thru in the course of dilation. Right now, about two-thirds of a tube per day.

Now the down side. This morning i had to push it thru as repeat prescription.

I phoned the pharmacy at my local surgery. Certainly: we can do that. But, er, did you pick up the order on the 15th?

Yes. Picked up and almost gone.

I could detect the disbelief on the end of the phone. The poor woman wondering just what it is i am doing with my mega supply of KY.

I cracked: grs, i explained. And, er, it IS being used.

I can see them coming up with some very inventive theories as to how i’m using it.


P.S. Anyone local to the Deepings know where i can buy some Hibiscrub?


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  1. 2

    Jennifer said,

    Amazon or eBay

  2. 3

    Becca said,

    You need the GP to prescribe at least a fortnight’s worth at a time… and medisave for Hibiscrub.

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