(that’s about the word for it!).

It would be nice, logical, plannable if pain worked something like this: ten score the day after your op, dwindling to 9, 8, 7, 6 in sensible time intervals and finally evaporating somewhere between one and one and a half.

Unfortunately, experience already proved it doesn’t work that way. The first days after the op, pain was trivial – a two or at most a three. Then there was the mess over the catheter and the haematoma during which i reckon it spiked at a once-in-a-lifetime eleven.

Rapid relief followed. Next day was up. Then down. Then up. and so on.

Generally, the drift has been downward…until yesterday and today, when things started to ratchet up again. I woke this morning feeling woozy, achy and sutures definitely hurting more.

Definitely a two tramadol day (long gone are those “brave” days when i rejected such things entirely: i learn!): or technically, a six to eight tramadol day, taking two approx every six hours.

For all that, i spent most of it laid out on the sofa again. Moving hurt. Staying still hurt. Grrr!

The only plus is that i’ve just finished my third dilation of the day and…things are looking up. I’m perky again (and blogging!). Pain receding. Hopefully tomorrow will be another day and the downward course of pain should continue.

Ever the optimist, moi!



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