Success (with a sting in the tail)

Phew! So much for being on tenterhooks pretty much all morning after the catheter came out.

You know how it is. Or maybe you don’t. A catheter, apparently, keeps your bladder pretty empty, because it is draining all the while. So, the moment it comes out, chances are you either won’t want to pee, or you’ll want, but you won’t have enough (stands back and waits for all those with differing experience to write in with tales of peeing like a horse the moment their catheter came out).

So. About half nine, it was bye bye catheter and hello to increased mobility. Good stuff. Then a morning of drinking water, coffee, tea…i’d guess a litre to litre and a half of fluid and no sign of a pee.

Or rather, by half twelve it was starting to tickle a bit. And i was sat willing it to tickle some more. Cause, after my adventures with retention last week, you will understand how fearful i was of not being able to. First, because of the pain it involved. Second, because of the indignity of then needing to go back on the catheter.

I needn’t have worried. Mostly. A few minutes back, i sat and focused and…first a trickle…then a steady stream. Yay!

And as others have already pointed out: it even sounds different. I can now use the Ladies without women in the stall next door wondering why me peeing sounds slightly unfeminine. 🙂

Only down side… did i mention that i have a large open wound on the left side where the haematoma was and where the sutures pulled open? Well, i have: and pee on an open wound is ouchy in the extreme.

It Stings. So yes: success. I can now pee. And about ten seconds later i was dancing around the bathroom, one hand between my legs, going ow! ow! ow!

Methinks i am going to have to pee under water for a bit. 😦



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  1. 1

    Sabine said,

    I assume you have plastic grocery bags? Cut them into parts big enough to cover the open wound with room to spare, cover it, pee and then get rid of the piece of plastic.

    I suppose even cellophane or aluminum foil would do. Just something that you can get rid of easily and preferably clean so it won’t reek in the trash can. The wound won’t suffer if covered only for a minute or so and a clean and smooth surface will not do damage.

    Anyone found some hormones for common sense yet? 🙂

  2. 2

    kerri (australia) said,

    good advice sabine re-plastic bags..:)

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