Feeling myself…

…in a good and wholly non-ambiguous way!

District nurse was round today to remove the catheter. Joy! Sort of. I am now sat here wondering whether i will be able to pee when the time comes. Everyone tells me that of course i will be able to. But having been put back on the operating table as a result of urine retention once in the last week, you will forgive me for being a tad jittery.

At some point in the next two hours, i should pee. If i don’t, expect a lot of woe on my part. 😦

However, arrival of district nurse was a good stimulus to start to get myself back together. One of the things i hate about being an invalid is that one looks like an invalid. Hospital was disastrous, hair-wise…flat, sweaty, knotted at the back. Ugh!

And whilst i did manage to wash it, the result just wasn’t the same. So this morning, up early, in (and out) with the dilators: then a real hair sesh. Pretty much every product on the shelf (and then some) and time taken to put a bit of a curl back in it. Yay!

Next, some serious time scheduled in this morning for sorting out make-up, brow-plucking and the rest.

Question: how do scissors disappear? I know for a fact, having once done the exercise, that this household possesses some six or seven pairs of small scissors, nails and eyebrows for the trimming of. Indeed, only yesterday i saw two pairs hanging around. But this morning?

They seem to have gone into hiding!

Not one pair to be found.

Still, without the catheter, hunting them down should be a tad less onerous. That really was a cramp on my personal style. I mean, apart from the aesthetic: every time a visitor called, the first thing they got to see was a bag full of my pee!

Too, there was the logistic: i didn’t wear a “leg-bag” because for too much of the time, the bag would have been above my bladder, which is not a good position to be in. So instead, i had this THING on a blue stand. That in turn meant that wherever i went, i had to factor in carrying the stand with me. Doubled up every journey – and made me nervous as a roomful of long-tailed cats whenever the boy started to get boisterous around me.

Nurse also inspected the wound(s). She reckons there has been major progress on the healing front. I can second that, as the area of numb flesh is definitely shrinking, along with the left side swelling. Only down side: the red “leakage” is probably blood and not iodine.


Not surprising, though: the sutures pretty much went, wholesale, on the left side and i notice, every time i dilate. a fairly massive flap of loose flesh that i need to protect. I understand that WILL heal and, in time, if unsightly, can be trimmed back.

So there we are. I’m definitely feeling a lot more chipper and – fingers-crossed – so long as i do turn out able to pee, i will feel after today well on the way to recovery.



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    andrea said,

    there’s a pair in the downstairs bathroom that Rafe opened the chicken feed with

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