In the midst of chaos…

On friday, before i shut up shop for the next n weeks, i was piqued by an episode at a Surrey Sainsbury’s. One of those tedious loo stories again: trans woman goes to loo…finds herself taken to task by some nameless member of staff after the event.

Grrr! Especially grrr!, given it was Sainsbury’s. So, as i was saying, i had more or less shut up shop when i read the story in Pink News and jess (bless!), the editor, suggested i was good to follow up if i had a spare minute or two.

And last thing yesterday, the store, true to its word, coughs up a statement. It was, as most of us thought and hoped, just honest mistake. A Sainsbury’s spokesperson tells me:

“We would like to apologise unreservedly for any offence caused. We pride ourselves on our high standards of customer service, something that clearly has not been met here.”

“Our store manager will be writing to Miss Collins to apologise in person. We hope that this will not prevent her from shopping with us in future.”

I trust Miss Collins got to hear that before i did!

Jess – anyone else! – if you’re reading this, feel free to lift…though i wouldn’t be a journo if i didn’t remind you all, politely, that its good to attribute. So if you do lift from my blog, please mention that you did so.

Either that, or i’ll bill. 🙂

have a good day.



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