Tests sorted…fingers crossed

79 hours to go and counting (yep: fraid its count down territory from here on in….)

Finally got the funding side of things sorted late Thursday, although, with loads of other stuff going on, I haven’t stopped to write about it before now.

Although that is but half the battle. I think I always knew the funding thing would sort out. After all, as my GP popinted out to the pct, the tests I need to have pre-op I need to have, period. Doesn’t matter whether I am having grs or not: I will need these tests, and the NHS has no probs at all in performing them.

The only reason the issue arose at all was critical path stuff. They all (GP, surgeon, etc.) want me to get the all-clear before I go under the knife – and that means having the tests done and dusted before 8 am Tuesday morning. In the ordinary run of things, I’d have had the tests carried out at my GP’s (they do kidney scans) and at my local hospital.

But with so little time left before the procedure, there was really no other option than to have them done in Brighton. So, first the pct thought these were being done as part of the grs (they aren’t) and second, because we were getting a “private” supplier to provide the tests, there was a load of bureaucratic toing and froing around that.

So silly. The cost to the NHS of my going back on hormones and the like would have more than outweighed any minor saving from paying Brighton to do them – and they specialise in this area anyway.

So. On Monday I get my kidneys scanned. I was told I needed to drink one-and-a-half litres of fluid in the hour before the test. Litres? Ooops. No. Pints. Phew!

And, here’s the rub: on Tuesday, the final test will be carried out whilst I am under anaesthetic. So…the thing that freaks me out totally…will continue to freak me out until I am fully over the anaesthetic and get the thumbs up is… if by some chance they find something whilst I am under, I will wake to find the grs not done and a serious health problem to deal with.

What problem? Well, this is it. Finding microscopic traces of blood in urine is 99.9% of the time not a prob. You get it from taking aspirin (which I do), from strenuous exercise (which I also do) and, er, from wearing tight knickers (no comment!). You also sometimes get it for no discernible reason at all. So there’s loads of perfectly innocent things it could be.

However, you also get it from conditions like kidney stones, benign polyps and.. . the biggie! … malignant or pre-malignant growth. Do I think I have that? No. I am pretty fit otherwise and other symptoms likely to be present ( and please, pedants, don’t waste your ink pointing out this is not ALWAYS the case: I know) include nausea and generally feeling ill. Which I don’t have.

So here we are. Just under 79 hours to go now (and I’m headed for bed). Funding sorted for the last two tests I need…and fingers glued tightly together against any final, final last minute hitches.

You know: if this were soap opera, I couldn’t invent more improbable material.



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