…the down side to doing dishes is that after a bit, the inside of your gloves gets all rubberised and smelly and rancid. This i recently solved by tipping a small dollop of scented oil inside each glove before i start.

I use a (cheap) base oil, with a few drops of essential oil (usually bergamot or lavender) to keep the pong at bay. Result: a lot less nasty odour – and instant moisturisation at the same time.

It now strikes me as obvious that it ought to be possible to do similar for feet. But how? I suspect wrapping feet in a carrier bag might result in seepagers all over the decent carpets – not to mention a strong risk of slipping.

At the local health and beauty place, where i get mot of my pampering, they do a pedicure that includes a wax treatment – essentially, sticking your feet into plastic (?) bags, pouring in hot wax…and then covering the whole with a thick outer sock for fifteen minutes.

Sounds weird: feels totally yummy.

So-o…any ideas, anyone?



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    LizM said,

    Just keep a nice hand cream near the sink. Simples.

  2. 4

    SophieH said,

    We solved the washing dishes problem years ago. We bought a dishwasher. Your nails will love you for it. As for hand moisturising I did see a tip and I can’t remember where but, here goes…
    Buy some of those cotton gloves, the white ones, about £2.00 from boots. Apply the moisturiser of choice to your paws before you go to bed and put the gloves on over that. Your hands feel fab in the morning.
    Have you seen that fish sort of pedicure, the name of the fish escapes me. It sounds lovely. The fish swim around removing dead skin etc rather like the ones you see in wildlife films doing the same to sharks and whales. I just can’t decide whether or not I feel a little sorry for the little fish having to live on a diet of …… euk!

  3. 5

    eclectic chicken said,

    Jane has consistantly refused the idea of getting a dishwasher -she say she enjoys washing dishes. Therefore she gets to do it as often as she likes 🙂
    As for nibbling fish….I’m really enthusiastic about the idea but janes thinks its ‘icky’ and won’t go.

    • 6

      SophieH said,

      Dish washing and painting, she’d certainly be welcome in this house any time. Apart from my Dad Jane is the only person I’ve ever heard of who likes doing the dishes. BTW My Dad does it to get away from my Mum as she hate the kitchen, cooking, dishes etc Thank god they’re unlikely to be reading this comment 🙂

      Garra Rufa Fish Pedicures, each to their own I suppose. I’m going to go for it but Tammy says it sounds ‘icky’ as well as the fact she’s plain too ticklish.
      Well, it’s one offer so I’m going to give it a go…. Will report on it later x

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