Cat-astrophe (averted)

Out one remaining cat is a lazy beast. Sopends lareg chunks of the day either lying behind my pc screen…or out in the garage, which is a sort of internal space you need to cross in order to rach my office.

Last week, the odour of cat urine suggested to me that, waking from a mid-day doze, she totted up the options: get up, wander down the hall, out the kitchen and into the garden for a pee, or… just find a suitable corner of the garage to pee in.

And of course, she opted for the latter.

(in which she is not alone: i have known several men do much the same, as well as a guy i knew yonks back in Bath who…we-ell: he stayed round at a friends’ house after a night out on the booze and, waking in a state of sheer alcoholic stupor, stumbled around the upstairs before walking into their bedroom… making for the corner, dropping his trousers and taking aim. The pair were woken to the sound and stench of this guy apparently mistaking the corner of their room for the loo!)

Anyway: not amused (by my cat!). So she’s been relegated to the outer darkness (aka outside the garage door) for the last week.

Which unfortunately means that when she is re-admitted, she goes all “loving” on me, wandering around the desk, head-butting my hands, and generally being purry.

I, meanwhile, was desperately putting the finishing touches to another 40,000 word magnum opus – a report for a market research company – and had just hit ctrl-a in order to do a global something or other.

(For the non-techy, in Word, ctrl-a highlights the WHOLE document, allowing you to apply a process to all of it).

So, i’d just hit the dread combination and…Kitty (my darling cat!) head-butted the carriage return.


Instant disappearance of entire document, followed by mad panic.

For all of about two seconds, thankfully, as i obviously had most of it saved and… by not touching anything else and hitting undo, no damage was done.

Still, its not the first time she’s put her paw in…sometimes quite literally.

On one occasion she sent an e-mail full of “+’s” to a friend list.

She is decidedly a computer menace.

More to the point, if you do receive e-mails from me that make even less sense than the usual…it might not be from me: it could be from the cat!



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