Postscript to Indie fuss…

After a certain amount of kicking and screaming, the Indie appears to have said yes to my first objection. That is, i now get a name check and a sensible, if short, quote attributed in their cover of slutwalk, as opposed to the rather offensive version that went before.

Strike one.

Second, they appear to have pulled their comments on slutwalk. Interesting, since i didn’t exactly ask them to but, in conversation with one of their reporters, observed just how misogynistic they were. He agreed, expressing surprise also that the Indie seemed to be running such a vicious thread.

Maybe co-incidence. Maybe not. But it rather looks as though the entire thread on this piece AND on the Yasmin Alibhai Brown piece is/are down.

Strike two. Sort of.

Which leaves what is really the most important til last: I have suggested that they think seriously about sitting down with Trans Media Watch and discussing (as opposed to just reading) their guidelines. So far, no joy.

But i am not giving up – and will chase again tomorrow.



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  1. 1

    That’s great! Good luck getting through to them RE: Trans Media Watch x

  2. 2

    Ruth said,

    Nice work!

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