Father’s day titling

still desperately looking for experience/feedback for a piece i’m writing right now: is a trans woman still a dad come father’s day?

And if you are in a lesbian or gay relationship, do your kids have two mums/dads? or is there some differentiation in terms of role?

Not a particularly serious piece…but fascinating nonetheless.



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    Sabine said,

    Technically Dad is a biological function that was determined at conception. Beyond that point no more maleness is needed for the relationship.

    I’d say stick with it for simplicities sake.

  2. 2

    Paula said,

    as before.. I wouldn’t bother with it at all.. aunt is easier for the kids to accept (and safer for them) and is the relationship I have with my daughter. To my husbands kids I’m a stepmum.. which is insane 😉

  3. 3

    Carka said,

    I’m not of an age to have settled down and had children yet, but I think I’d be really upset if they regarded me as anything other than their mum. My kids will have two mums, that’s all. I suppose it makes a huge difference depending on whether one transitions pre- or post-children.

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