Standing up one last time

Definitely getting into “last things” mode. Starting to look ahead to pre-op open house and sort of slow motion letting go of work stuff for a bit and kicking back.

And thinking about doing odd stuff for the last time. Today, rushing back from my psych appointment (of which more later) i was bursting. For a pee, that is. Why?

It did occur to me that this seems to have happened a great deal more since transition and, i guess there is a rational reason for that.

Which is that as a bloke, it is a darn sight easier to pause in a layby and nip behind a tree. Whereas as a woman one is restricted to whatever loos one encounters on the road and… sitting… to being that much fussier about which loos one will use.

F’rinstance, i regularly do the route from Milton Keynes to Peterborough, passing, en route, a garage where i occasionally call in for a sandwich and a bottle of fizz. I have used their loos once and…never again!

So-o…. as the pace hots up…the thought crossed my mind: one last time? Standing?

Yes? No? No way?



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    andrea said,

    aaah…the feminine art of pissing by the roadside. Can be subtly done by opening ones car door and peeing in the lee of it. Or if you wish to pee further afield, counter intuitive as it is, pee facing your adoring public as this actually preserves modesty as opposed to presenting the world with a gleaming view of your jacksie.

    Also bear in mind wind strength and direction (not only for blow back) but for flapping fabrics.

    oh…. and preferably pee on a slight incline so the wee drains away and doesnt pool round your feet as squatting on tip-toes is an advanced skill.

    If in doubt theres always a she wee…or if you can’t even bear to get out of the car a bourdalue

  2. 2

    Sarah said,

    My last pee pre-op was standing up. I figured that was a more appropriate setoff than the semi-traditional “wringing of the turkey’s neck”.

    Lowering the tone; it’s what I do.

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