Corrupting youth…

it looks like it will be a family outing on saturday to join the London slutwalk (protesting against victim-shaming in cases of assault and for the right of women to wear what they want to wear without being judged). Myself, andrea and the boy.

So. Do we join the feminist contingent who aer going and who have invited me? Do we join the club contingent, which should probably just be a good laugh? Or do we march alongside the ECP (the English Collective of Prostitutes) who have also put out an invite.

Given andrea”s known allergy to feminism, probably not the first. But how safe is it to take the boy along with the ECP? Nah. Not in the bad, corrupting sense…so much as the young lad picking up half a story and retailing it in class first thing on Monday.

So: what did you do at the weekend? Oh, i met some nice ladies, Miss: they were called prostitutes.

That could be an interesting one to discuss with social services, who undoubtedly would be on our doorstep in double quick time.

Perhaps i shall do what i often do at these events: the intrepid newshound (or is that newsbitch?) thing and tour round all the contingents. It certainly led to some interesting meetings at Pride last year: a nice chat with the Gay Christians; and an invite to the boy, who joined us on that day too, to join the Gay Scouting Movement!

I am smiling. When i was young, i used to know political children. These were the sons and daughters of political activists who, by age ten, had met all manner of interesting and newsworthy people – and were thoroughly unimpressed by the lot of them.

I even met a political cat (this was back when our social circle included an up-and-coming cabinet member by name of Ken Clarke). Said cat’s owners had conniptions the night John Major stayed over (as PM) – and the cat decided to go and sleep on the great man’s tummy.

Can a cat be done for treason?


Anyway, with all these comings and goings, the boy is definitely getting a good grounding in the same sort of political stuff – and he’s probably more experienced in demos than anyone else in his class.

I think that’s a positive.



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  1. 1

    andrea said,

    hmmm…feminists or sex workers?…… no competition! πŸ™‚
    Sex workers every time….and if there is the occassional third waver amongst them I’ll turn a blind eye.

  2. 2

    Jane Bloggs said,

    I’m with Andrea πŸ˜‰

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