The simple things

Kicking back. Wonderful!

Just got to the end of a long utterly intense period of writing. A mix of short sharp deadline-y stuff and a long, 40,00 word epic. (My latest worthy but oh-so-tedious report on climate change and associated technologies).

Amazing how your perspective changes at the click of a button. All of yesterday, I was under the cosh: beavering away because the report was due, in first draft at least, by end of play. I failed. Sort of.

Beaver, beaver, beaver. I could feel the inner tension. Until approx. 12.50 am this morning, when I saved the document for the last time, attached it to an e-mail and away. Yesss!!!

This morning I am a lady of leisure. Well, apart from the little encounter with the GP’s in about an hour, but more of that later.

So I got up, prepared the boy for school, discovered that one way to feed him in the morning (he is as picky as they come) is to dump a plate of cold sausages in front of him and let him graze. He’d clear the lot if given half a chance.

Then upstairs to put on a face and get ready for the mum’s run.

I remember, way back, at least one cynical voice suggesting I’d never stick with it. The getting ready, that is: the fact that unlike former blokey days I couldn’t just pull on a t-shirt and head out, unshaven into the world.


I actually quite enjoy getting myself together: and if it adds an extra fifteen minutes to the morning, that’s fine.

Standing in the bathroom, I realised that this, as much as all the other stuff, is what makes the transition worth it. Nah. Not the fancy clothes (though they’re a joy!).

Not the thought of exotic erotic encounters from the perspective of a new body (no way!).

But just this: standing in the bathroom, tugging a brush through my increasingly full head of hair. Shaking my head and feeling its ends tickle the back of my neck. Then primping it out at the end and looking in the mirror and… feeling GOOD about being me.

Too simple? Not racy enough for you?

Tough! It puts a smile on my face and makes the day that much easier to face.

I so hope everyone has moments like this.



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  1. 1

    katrina2 said,

    Indeed Jayne, ten months on; and, this feeling of wonder, has not diminished. There is always somthing new to learn, and, somthing you need to forget of old, but yes; life is good now.

  2. 2

    Julian said,

    I have happy moments aplenty, but never over getting ready in the morning, which I hate! Will happily leave the house without brushing my hair and I only wear makeup for evening events.

  3. 3

    andrea said,

    ‘pull on a t-shirt’ ….. you hardly ever wore T-shirts 😛

    • 4

      janefae said,

      literary license, dear. I is a writer: I has a license!

      Ooops. Just checked the date. I am only qualified to use simile, metaphor and moderate litotes.

      Advanced hyperbole requires an additional fee paying.


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