Its been my day for upsetting people. First off, an exclusive in Pink News, in which i revealed some unlawful practices by credit-scoring agency Equifax.

Second a piece in the Grauniad on sexualisation of kids, in which i failed to join the moral majority’s adoration of David Cameron on the subject and got soundly ticked off for being, um, a bit too feminist. Love it!

And best of all, winging its way in, apparently in response to the presumption that i’m sort of ditzy feminist, is this from one of the late night commenters. He writes (of me):

“If only some women could be men for a while so they could see at first hand just how daft there notions sound inside a male brain.”

Oh my. Put in my place!

Though, i do think Rex Harrison did it rather better in “My Fair Lady” with his rendering of “Why can’t a woman (be more like a man)?”.



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    Jane said,

    I really, really liked what you wrote in the Guardian Jane.

    It turned my view on the whole issue upside down and left me questioning not only what the “sexualisation” of children(girls) actually is, but also brought boys in to the equation , which I haven’t seen anyone else do.

    From your comment:

    “Excuse me! Boys need to learn to keep their own bits under control. period. And that has f-all to do with how girls choose to dress!”

    This is about blame, fear , and political manipulation. Just like the issue of drugs , its about politicians being seen to be doing something, as usual leading to fuck all except more negativity.

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