Evidence of continuing geekery

OK. Hands up!

Who now does NOT know the real identity of River Song?




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  1. 1

    Carka said,

    I do, although, um, you don’t seem to like my comments, so, you know… whatever.

  2. 2

    guy said,

    I don’t think people can have “real identities” and remain human; not even fictional characters.

  3. 3

    andrea said,

    who is river song – real or otherwise ? :$

  4. 4

    Sabine said,

    Never heard of River Song.

    Sounds like Dragon Ball Z or something like that.

  5. 5

    Stace said,

    How could anyone not know her identity now!

    But I can’t believe that we have to wait until September until we get the next instalment!!!!


  6. 6

    Jenny said,


    Oh the possibilities of that revelation are endless.

    Can’t wait to see how the rest of the series plays out.

  7. 7

    Jane B. said,

    There can never be enough geekery! 😛

    Second to the Doctor himself , Melody Pond is my all time favorite character of the Whoniverse .

    September does indeed feel like a long time away lol.

    (I just realized, you’ll be post op by then too Jane…
    How amazing ! )

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