Diet stuff…

Why is nothing ever simple?

Now: I was starting the day very badly on toast and spread. Er, olive-type spread. Not jam or other cal-laden stuff! Just what sort of girl do you take me for?

But no. Rachel, who is working on the TV documentary, and appears to know a thing or two about diet wags a finger and tells me off for ingesting “bad carbs”. Yep. I sort of knew that. Bu-ut. I need something to get me going early in the day. And to plug gaps during.

What about starting off on oats? This sounds like a good idea. I’ve always rejected porridge cause it feels like a load of extra work, but with the magic of microwave, that is no longer so. In fact, I can whip up a bowl of oats, sprinkle in some raisins, add milk and water and have it micro’d in approx the same time as it takes to toast some bread. So I’m a convert.

It appeals to the obsessive in me. Divvying up the raisins to ensure I get at least one in every bite!

As for daytime carbs? Rachel suggests I fill up with bananas, which give slow release rather than energy spike. Also a sensible and successful proposal, as I like bananas and… it’s a good way to maintain my five a day.

Serendipity strikes. A few days later I read a piece in one of the Sunday supplements about how carb-based diets are all the rage, and it recommends various dishes, including one or two that seem very low on carbs indeed. Yoghurt, f’rinstance, with a handful of berries and nuts added. Yum! This is good. I like.

It, too, advances the joy of oats. Seems I am on to a winner.

Until Tuesday, and zumba and an after-chat with the giggler – the girl who usually derails the cooling down at the end of our session by descending into fits of giggling. This sets off her friend, which then sets me off, and the three of us end up wheezing and hissing on our backs (on our exercise mats) probably making far more noise in our efforts not to laugh than if we’d just laughed out loud in the first place.

Carbs? Carbs! Oh no, she explains: what I need is early morning protein. A lightly boiled egg and some toast. Probably followed by some more protein come lunch. Chicken. Or fish. (I am more and more going off the idea of red meat).

As for bananas: bad idea late in the day because they are high in cals and sit on your tummy.

Grrr! As I said at the beginning: why is everything always so difficult?

Although this does not feel too contradictory. I don’t really diet. I certainly don’t buy into these faddish approaches that require you to max out on carbs or protein or some other single element.

I like chicken, fish, tofu, quorn and other veggie products. I like fruit, yoghurt and oats. And I’ll buy that processed bread is not the best way to start the day.

So on the whole, I think I’m doing ok: maybe slightly under-eating, but what I do eat covers all the major healthy foodgroups – and my latest cholesterol test clocked in at a seriously healthy 3.1. We-ell. Slightly disappointing, since I’ve slipped a little from a couple of years back, when I briefly managed something like 2.1.

Enough! I am confused, though I suspect I’m not doing too badly. Am I?

All advice gratefully received.



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    Sabine said,

    Relating from my GP:

    Eat what works best for you, don’t overdo it on sugar-bombs like Mars and Coke and work off the excess in the gym. Diets don’t make you lose weight anyway.

    Cholesterol tests can be misleading in any case. One of mine clocked in ridiculously high until I remembered I had eaten 5 hard-boiled eggs the night before. Same with my last blood checkup 10 days ago – “bit low levels on red and white blood cells – nothing to worry about, just odd.” Not odd, doc – I was donating blood 2 weeks before.

  2. 2

    Jane said,

    I’ve always been as thin as a rake, until this year aged 35 I’ve ballooned , and am now sporting a belly and shag handles (Eeeew!) . I don’t want to start taking hormones until I’ve lost it , so I’ve been checking out loads of diets the last 6 months…

    The best one I’ve found so far (without being faddish, or requiring you to “absorb the healing energy of the angels” etc) is a book I bought off Amazon called “The Boot-Camp Diet” . Its simple, and contains clear information, like exercises and recipes. The writers actually run their own boot camp with ex military trainers , and it seems quite popular.

    What attracted me to it was its realistic practicality ,and the fact that they suggest a 80% healthy food , and 20% naughty food approach , which didn’t scare me off as someone who has never done any kind of exercise or diets before.

  3. 3

    Jane said,

    Ooops , sorry Jane , I forgot to put the link on….

    Jane B. xx.

  4. 4

    Maintaining a well-balanced diet is the key to healthy weight loss. Be sure to eat lots of fresh fruit and veg. If you still find you’re having trouble loosing weight you may wish to consult a nutritionist.

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