Another one bites the dust!

It is, as I about 90% expected, another green light.

The electrolysis lady, she say: “Yes”.

Which is just as well. Because what with trains and TfL running late, I only had about twenty minutes on the table and I was filled with dread: her suggesting I really needed two sessions and I’d just blown this one or something.

But no. As she repeated fairly positively at regular intervals: I’m not circumcised, so I’m having an “inversion”. This involves minimal use of the scrotal skin: so minimum need for heavy-duty zapping.

Twenty minutes was, in the end, more than enough to despatch the few scrawny survivors, and even left a couple of minutes over for her to experiment on my boobs. Er, electrolysis-wise, that is.

Next sesh is on 23 June, after which its eyes down and all systems go.

We-ell. First I need to find a psych to proclaim me dysphoric as opposed to more generally deranged.

Meanwhile, I succumbed. You know: the temptation to start working out the time in hours.

We-ell. Tomorrow at 8 am, its just 40 days to go and 40 times 24 is a pretty easy sum to do. So easy, in fact, that its near on impossible to fill your head with STUFF to crowd out the sum before you do it.

So I just did it.

As of 8 tomorrow morning, I have 960 hours to go.

No longer, even, in four figures! 🙂



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    andrea said,

    filled with fred? a tad anticipatory if not a leeeeetle freudian 😛

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