Swallowing down hormones tonight and…unless specialist says different on wednesday, that’s it for the next couple of months.

Hot flushes here i come!



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    It’s going to be emotionally rough. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You’ll have massive doubts about practically everything in your life but you need to trust the person you were when, in effect, sober; you need to trust the decisions you made then. It’ll be worth it.

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      janefae said,

      hmmph! wish everyone else would stop being so serious. All i want, now, is to get thru the next few weeks.

      I don’t have a smidgeon of doubt about the srs. I just want it done, and on to the rest of my life.

      i’m not afraid of the pain. Ffs: i did the electrolysis, first time thru, without anaesthetic – and that was total accident. Its just a fear of falling back into maleness.


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    katrina2 said,

    No Jayne, you will Not fall back into maleness, but, you may get a little grumpy, in 3/4wks time, but nothing to be botherd about.xx

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    misswonderly said,

    You will have a few weeks of feeling less than invincible … but after that hey … you will BE invincible. Sarah L xoxo

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