Sadists (sorry, dentists!)

Ugh! Got a foretaste, today, of what pain feels like.

Over the past few months I have been putting the finishing touches to a tooth – a molar, no less. Its gradually been falling apart for years. But clearly was on its last “legs” and my crunching off various chunks of it, mostly by biting into crusty bread, didn’t help.

About three weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. It was starting to hurt and i could foresee a point where it would become abscessed and.. . well, I’ve had abscesses in the past and they are not nice.

Besides, I am now beginning to clear the decks for srs and having the possibility of a major tooth flare-up in the background had to be dealt with.

A biggie, actually, as losing teeth, along with bifocals and wrinkles has always struck me as a major sign of aging.

Still, I bit the bullet – breaking off yet more tooth in the process 😦 – and signed up for the ultimate. The extraction, which duly took place in Grantham this afternoon.

The worst bit? The dentist was a bloke! I think I minded that even more than the rummaging around in my mouth.

Otherwise, not a lot of pain at the time. Two quick jabs and the left side of my mouth was instantly numb. Then it was in with the pliers, or whatever he was using, and the odd bit of drilling to break it up and.. . it was done.

Horrid bits? The fact that my mouth filled up with a mix of saline and blood, which made me want to vomit. And the icky crunching sounds inside my head as he wrested bits of root from my jaw.

Oh…and the bit where i knew he was putting in stitches, but i couldn’t feel a thing.

But so far, so benign. Then back home and, slowly, the anaesthetic wearing off. Ickiness slowly being replaced by a dull, throbbing ache, reminiscent of abscess at its worse. My sinus hurts. My jaw hurts. My mouth hurts. Mostly, I have this desire to put my head in a bucket and lose it for the next 48 hours.

Two mega strength co-codamol don’t seem to have touched it.

So-o… bizarrely, my fear of this procedure was greater than my fear of the srs. But then, I’ve never liked dentists. Espesh matter-of-fact blokey ones.

And I guess that I might be about to get this sort of experience – but “down there”. Painless waking, followed by a period of increasing pain after the procedure is over.

It makes me nervous. Nothing more.



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    Liz Church said,

    I expect I’m shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, but anyway: co-dydramol 30/500 will dull your sinus pain. Take two if necessary. For toothache, my GP recommended and prescribed Ibuprofen 600. She has also given me some Omeprazole 20mg to take before taking the Ibuprofen. Wait ten minutes to give the Omeprazole time to line the stomach. It’s there to protect against the bleeding caused by NSAIDs and will last the rest of the day, so there’s no need to take another if you need to take further Ibuprofen tablets later in the day.

    In order to prevent tooth decay in the first place, I took to using dilute Listerine to swill my mouth throughout the day (and when I have to get up during the night.) I also have the problem of a broken down tooth and there are others that have seen better days. Usually, my dentist would poke around and mention the latest deterioration, but last time there was none. The bugs and bacteria hadn’t been given a chance to establish themselves.

    I hope your pain dissipates soon enough.

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