I’m melting…

(and no-one’s thrown a bucket of water over me!).

This morning, i noticed how much less tall i felt next to the boy’s year 2 teacher. She is a very tall lady, but, somehow, she seems suddenly to have gained in height.

Just checked in the kitchen, where we have wall marks: that is, as family, we’ve been charting the growth of our children, year on year, by drawing height lines on the wall.

Me, too.

And i seem to have shrunk a good inch. Hormones? Age? What?

If the former, i’ll be totally pleased by it. If the latter…i’ll be pissed off!


P.S. If that shrinks my shoe size too… i WILL be pleased!


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  1. 1

    I shrank an inch in height, and – more importantly – several show sizes. The explanation is that the cartilage between the bones shrinks when testosterone decreases dramatically. This may also be the reason why old people shrink a little too?

    For me it was a great help, because size 12 shoes are impossible to find, whilst a size 9 can at least be sourced from Evans.

  2. 2

    Paula said,

    I went from a 10 to an 8 over 10 years.. very useful.. plus my hands look longer and thinner though that could just be the nails 🙂 Posture changes as well.. glad you are having interesting things happen.. it’s quite fascinating how the body changes when the hormone mix is altered.

  3. 3

    Muscle wasting. Part of our height is about how we carry ourselves. Even when measuring against a wall and trying to maintain neutral poise, there’s variation.

    Because I have chronic muscle wasting which is alleviated when I go on steroids (not safe for continuous use so ever four years or so), my height varies quite a bit in this way. When I start steroids again after a long break I often whack my head off things I’m used to not having to worry about.

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