Elf and safety

Sorry, Tesco, but this is taking things a mite too far.

Sunday, after church, part of the weekend ritual is a swing into Tesco with the boy where we taste samples on the delicatessen counter. There’s usually something out..ham, sausage roll, cheese… and the boy usually samples nowadays.

And, when he likes the food enough, we usually buy some for his monday pack-up at school.

(there is method to this approach: he is an appallingly fussy eater and quick to accuse that “he didn’t choose (and doesn’t like) x”, where x may be any foodstuff he has been eating in vast quantities for the preceding three months. By involving him in the choice process, at very least we have the moral pressure of being able to say: well, you tried it and liked it).

Anyway, back to Sunday. Usually, the bits are in a small plastic receptacle on top of the counter with toothpicks arranged neatly besides.

This sunday: no toothpicks. Oh. Can we have one? Er, no. Tesco is no longer issuing toothpicks.

Health and Safety: someone from the local council popped round and…they’re too dangerous. You could take comeone’s eye out with that!).

So now, in the interests of Health and Safety, they’re either NOT going to offer tasters – or in future, passing customers will have to dip their hands in and pull out a gobbet to pop in their mouths. Like: how clean ARE the boy’s hands?

I’m not sure i like sharing the same table with him sometimes, wondering what diseases he is spreading as he applies his atrocious table manners and grabs at any passing item that takes his fancy (er, yes: we DO know that this should not be happening and we are trying to work out a solution. at present the realistic alternatives appear to be hand cuffs, rubber mittens, or tying his hands to the back of the chair).

But Tesco, Tesco! This is beyond silly. Its even worse than last year, when the daughter, then barely 17, attempted to buy a kebab for the barbecue. Nope. It included a wooden skewer that she just MIGHT have used as a weapon. So she wasn’t allowed.

I kid you not!

I don’t see eye to eye with the Coalition on everything: but a few fewer Health rules would not go amiss.



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  1. 1

    Have they stopped selling cutlery too? It’s a slippery slope until trout is withdrawn from sale in case it gets used to slap some-one about the face with a wet fish.

    • 2

      Circadian said,

      🙂 Nice imagery.
      Oh dear, you have hit a rant topic for me, so apologies in advance!
      Health and safety – a great idea, used wonderfully to aid in making workplaces somewhat liveable and not such deathtraps. Then, once all the good work had been done, what work was left for the people who had the position of “workplace safety co-ordinator” or some such title? I have the horrible suspicion that most of the stuff coming out these days is purely effort from some useless people trying to make sure they retain an income.
      Why, in this as in so many other areas, does it seem so difficult to find a proper balance? Health and safety *is* an important topic (witness industrial death and accidents prior to these rules), but now has a bad name because of faceless bureaucrats doing their best to justify being paid. What we really need is someone to be able to say when something has achieved its aim(s), and to STOP, as opposed to overshoot into ridiculousness. (See also: discipline in classrooms, union power, union *lack* of power, police no longer allowed to cuff a badly behaved kid in the street – yet now have all sorts of other powers to be misapplied…)
      Apologies for the rant, normal conversation can continue now.

  2. 3

    A friend of mine (actually 22 at the time) was once turned away from a supermarket when she tried to buy lucozade because “energy drinks are inappropriate for under eighteens.”

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