I must not forget that I am also a commercial person, who makes her money from writing or all forms: journalism, commercial copy, research papers and the like.

Those interested in getting to grips with the more, er, workaday jane can now try out my new website.

And if you have a real and serious writing need, please get in touch.



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  1. 1

    andrea said,

    OF all forms (says the sub editor in me) 🙂

  2. 2

    Megan said,

    Jane, There are loads of php errors on contact.php. You can turn off display_errors in your php config or your .htaccess or do checks for empty or isset in the code base for the vars that are being used.

    • 3

      janefae said,

      thanks to you and others who have pointed this out.

      pedants! 🙂

      i have spoken to the designer, who says that this may be related to the hosting, cause it worked fine on the test site. He is looking at it later today.


  3. 4

    Megan said,

    Opps, love the site BTW 🙂

  4. 5

    “Topical Investigations” That’s a cream you can get, right?

    Google-fu and telephoto lenses from the rooftops for the win. James Bond time – or should I say: Jane Bond?

  5. 6

    Demelza said,

    What Megan said – it’s throwing PHP error on the contact page.

    PS, feel free to delete this comment when you’ve read it.

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