Night Terrors (again)

Someone – something – in the room. My side of the bed. Frozen. Try to move. Speak. Cry out.

Wake, screaming.

Bad night.




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  1. 1

    kathz said,

    I hope you can put the bad night aside and feel better soon.

  2. 2

    Stace said,

    Sorry to hear this, I suffer from night terrors – and it doesn’t matter how rational you try to be when it’s happening they are just terrifying…


  3. 3

    andrea said,

    is it a hormone thing? I had the most horrendous night terrors when pregnant with meg…one in which i watched her drown has never gone away and I still feel a niggle of terror everytime i see either her or rafe in the water or near water (a toughy living on a riverbank)….
    …whereas last night i dreamt of rainbow coloured fluffy chicks (i guess the anti anxiety drugs are kicking in)

    ps. I dont think you actually screamed out loud last night as it usually wakes me when you do

  4. 4

    Julian said,

    Sympathies, Jane. I get them when I’m really stressed (usually when I most need a good night’s sleep!) It’s horrible.

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