I hugged a bloke (and i liked it!)

(with apologies to Katie Perry for the borrowing).

It was a peculiar experience, given the strong allergy I’ve felt towards men in recent months/years. And, lest anyone misconstrue the headline as a declaration of lust, no way!

This was just an absence of negative.

I’d better explain.

Last night I was out at a conference of many of the usual suspects to discuss issues in and around sexuality. The meeting was addressed, eloquently, by speakers including Tuppy Owen of the Sexual Freedom Coalition, feminist porn producer and Lib dem candidate Anna Span, aka Anna Arrowsmith – and Fiona Patten, of the Australian Sex Party.

There are several stories there for me to write about, and in time, no doubt I will.

Meanwhile, however, I sat down in the bar afterward to chat to one-woman whirlwind, Fiona. Lots more interesting stuff swapped – including views on child-rearing. Then it was time to rush back to the station before I turned into a pumpkin: goodbyes and hugs all round.

Including a hug from Robbie, Fiona’s partner. Interesting. I’d been liking Robbie all evening. He’s a sort of slimmed down Santa Claus: nice smile, neatly trimmed grey to white beard, softly spoken. Clean. I picked up this lovely clean vibe from him. And warm-smelling. That’s the closest I can come to describing it.

(Probably helped too that he was very complimentary about my voice)

Still, when he moved in for the hug, I felt myself tense. As regular readers may have noticed: I have a thing about proximity to blokes, and its not exactly a positive. I won’t rehash the detail. Suffice it to say that the smell is wrong, the bristles usually too bristly and the attitude just too all-round masculine.

And none of that applied.

I drew back, surprised. Like I said at the outset: no lust; no fancying. Just an absence of all the bad stuff.

How strange. How VERY strange. There is obviously another species of male on the planet that has stayed well hidden from me all these years. Or is Robbie one of a kind?

Time will tell.



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