Less hairy…

Ooops! Sorry. It wasn’t quite my intention to leave the world in suspense, following the bad news in my last entry.

The general idea was that I’d run straight on with the good news. But then supper intervened. And shopping . And other stuff. So here I am a couple of hours or more later bringing you back up to date.

The bad news is that 5 July won’t happen. I need two more electrolysis sessions, minimum, which, thru the magic of running them very tight brings me to 23 June. Thereafter, the surgeon wants at least two weeks of skin recovery, which would take me to 7 July – and that is two days after the proposed date.

And since he only operates on Tuesdays… No. Correction: he only does srs on Tuesdays, that’s 5 July out.

Ah. But not 12 July. So: the electrolysist reckons I’m near as damnit done (with one awful caveat). She’s prepared to recommend me as ready to go after two more sessions. And there is a slot (no pun intended) on 12 July. Which actually (don’t ask me why) feels like that much better a date.

The caveat – well, two caveats, really – are that she’ll take one last look on 1 June, to make sure that the regrowth of hair is as minimal as we think its going to be and, if there is no massive grow-back, we’re good to go.

The other caveat? Hmmm. Here’s some advice for other trans women. Don’t compromise and have laser “down there”. Yesterday’s specialist gave me a good long lecture, complete with diagrams, on how hair works. How it starts out in what is called the Anagen phase, when its new and young and attached to its root, gradually grows old and detached, as it reaches the Catagen phase. And finally falls out from exhaustion shortly after getting to the Telagen phase.

The latter phase is technically a dormant phase, during which you can’t kill it off through electrolysis and…the bad news, apparently, is that laser has a tendency to send SOME hair straight into this latter phase, where it can remain for up to 3 years. In other words, according to milady: laser is seriously contra-indicated in the run-up to srs.

Wish I’d known that a few months back!

Still, she is optimistic. There is little or no hair left on the penile shaft, which is key for penile inversion, the technique I’ll be going for. I may have a little left around the base, even after extensive electrolysis – but in such case, I’d be no worse off than women who have annoying in-growing hairs in the folds of their labia. CBT (= can be tweezed!).

So here’s the time-table. Come off oestrogen on 31 May: final, final good to go on 1 June. (Fingers fiercely crossed!).

Anti-androgen injection on 7 June. Final (psych) opinion some time between then and 11 July, at which point I check in to the Clinic. 12 July, enemas (ugh!) and the end to a very long and boring chapter of my life.

Meanwhile, my GP now gets dragged into the final prep, and I have been instructed to start what sound suspiciously like pelvic floor exercises. That and, I am told, I must practice “opening my legs wide”. This, I assume, is in advance of dilation stuff – and not some comment on my presumed sexual promiscuity.

Exciting stuff. Less than ten weeks to go. Wow!



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