Side-effects (and trade-offs)

ON the news today: experts are recommending that everyone over the age of 55 get given statins as a means to reduce the risk of heart disease. Hmmm. Yes. I can see the advantages of that.

Some objections, though, from other experts (of course!), who argue that this may be wasteful and besides, there are side-effects. They quote stomach ache and, er, flatulence.

Oh, my! I get the impression that it isn’t overwhelming: just a minor sort of thing. Still, though, it set me wondering. How much flatulence would we allow for how much benefit?

Suppose these drugs eliminated all heart disease, but at the cost of 100% full-on flatulence for the entire population. Heart disease vs air pollution? What a dilemma.

A bit like my experience with finasteride. It’s a life-saver for those transitioning late: restores a lot of hair you thought was gone forever, but with potential side effects that include impotence and growing boobs. Hardly an issue for moi! But I can see it being a difficult one for the average blokey male.

(I think Chris Evans was agonising over this some weeks back: he’s going bald, but he and his partner want another child. Eeek! A bald Chris Evans vs. yet more Evans progeny. I know which way I’d jump…but perhaps that’s just being cruel!)

Life, though, does offer some interesting trade-offs. Transition provides a lot of them.

Even after srs, there will continue to be complications – not least all that dilating and messy douching. But worth it? Definitely.



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    Jenny Alto said,

    It always amuses me when my going-bald-and-hating-it friends balk at the idea of Finasteride. I keep telling them that my experience has not been one of impotence and (sadly for me but they don’t know that) neither has it been one of growing a Dolly Parton chest, but they’re still not tempted even as the shower drain clogs up with their former pride and joy.

    Having never experienced quite the same attachment to the “family jewels” as them I guess it’s not surprising a trans person wouldn’t share their fears.

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