Failed feminism?

No, before you switch off in your droves. This is still the personal blog, dedicated mostly to hopefully interesting snippets of comedy and tragedy from my transition journey. Anything philosophical or heavily political sits across the way at the “Sex Matters” blog.

So this is not some incredibly thought-out critique of post-modern feminist thinking – or equivalent.

Rather, i have been noticing an odd sort of trend lately. Its blokes: blokes stopping and holding doors open for me.

Andrea reckons its cause i am starting to pass more more often. I still don’t believe that. I think its more mixed: that on spotting me out of the corner of their eye, others on the street initially categorise me as female and respond accordingly – albeit deciding a few seconds later that my status is rather less clearcut.

Still, those few seconds are all it takes for the cultural over-ride to set in, and for blokes to be stepping ahead and holding doors open for me or, contrariwise, standing back and letting me push my shopping trolley in first.

Weird. Its only noticeable because i’ve had a lifetime of it not happening – or rather, only rarely happening.

So, if door opening is evidence of the patriarchy’s stranglehold, its still pretty much got a headlock on society.

Not that i do believe that. Remember, this is the light and breezy (mostly) daily experience blog. But it does highlight how deeply ingrained social habits must be.



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    kathz said,

    So long as they don’t also expect you to take a pay-cut as a thank-you for the compliment!

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