BBC couldn’t give a feck!

OK. This is not your usual, calm, nice girl post. But screw them!

Thought this story (the Baltimore beating) might be of interest to the BBC: after all, its got a highly graphic component to it (the video). And it is leading, over here, to calls by members of the trans and, more widely, of the LGBT communitiesto boycott McDonalds.

So i did my best to get it into the main news feed and, since the incident itself is now old (in news terms) to give it a UK angle.

Rang the main switch number – which is always problematic at the Beeb: i’ve heard BBC journalists complaining of probs with their switchboard.

Asked for the duty editor’s office. No chance! I can count on the fingers of one hand the times i’ve got past that switchboard.

But, “if sir would like to give a headline”.

er, not “sir”. MY name is jane: please do NOT call me “sir”.

OK. Sorted that one for about thorty seconds. I gave “UK LGBT call for boycott of McDonalds”. Approximately accurate and I hoped good enough as a pitch to get a hearing, at which point i could explain a bit better.


“I’m afraid the newsdesk is not interested, sir”.

Please do NOT do that. Slightly more assertive. OK. Sort of get that: but still, its an interesting approach to news selection. The newsdesk don’t know how accurate the pitch is at this moment and if its accurate, then a call by the entire LGBT community to boycott one of the UK’s largest fast food outlets ought to be newsworthy.

Obviously not at the Beeb!

He gave me another number which was the inevitable “audience feedback” line. I hate that. Like why the hell would a journalist wish to give audience feedback if her story pitch isn’t taken. Twonk!

Then i phoned back on the BBC radio number. Drat! Its him again. Not sure when they combined those two switchboards: ordinarily, radio works easier than the TV switchboard. Not this time!

“You just called this number. SIR”. I am spitting. I remind, for the third time, that I aaked him not to do that…and give in. I think i shall mail round some of my other Beeb contacts.

Maybe someone else gives a flying whatsit about LGBT issues.



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  1. 1

    Jennie Kermode said,

    Did you get his name? Sounds like it’s his supervisor you ought to be calling next time.

    • 2

      janefae said,

      done…though i do hate this. I don’t want, in instances like this, to escalate to the point where someone gets in real trouble. I do want the matter brought to their attention so that they are a teeny bit more sensitive next time round.


      • 3

        Megan said,

        I agree totally, but if someone cannot respect a persons requests (providing they are acceptable) then they deserve the aftermath and should take responsibility for their own actions.

      • 4

        Liz Church said,

        That sounds awful – he must have been quite persistent. I’d have got stuck in and let him have it. So what if he gets into trouble. He was deliberately nasty and he was asking for it.

    • 5

      Megan said,

      I had the same with O2, so I decided to leave them after my contract ended the other day; even though at the time I took it to a supervisor they still didn’t seem to care.

      But their cancellation dept were really apologetic as to why I cancelled and said if they can do anything to help…hint don’t let it happen in the first place!!

  2. 6

    Megan said,

    That’s disgusting, after the recent bad media programs, and the fact that their employees do not obey their so called constitution I’m really am starting to believe that the BBC feel they are a law unto themselves.

    I had the same with Samsung no matter how many times I said please do not do that and explain I have a medical condition that has affected my voice (which to some extent the T does affect the voice so it’s kinda true), I got sorry Sir. I complained again and again at her. I got a letter a few months later address to Mr/s xxxxx. In all the time I’ve been alive I’ve never ever seen a letter addressed like that and inside they used the title Mr Megan even thought I told them it was Mrs.

    I sent several letters to their head office and never got a reply, that is one person who will never buy Samsung again as it seems they do not care if they upset or offend their customers.

    To me if someone uses a “blatantly” female name and the call centre person has an IQ over 10 then I would assume that it would be obvious they are female??

    This maybe illegal (but I really do not care & I don’t tell them), but these days I tend to put the call (if at home) on loud speaker and tape it, that way I have evidence of them ignoring my requests. Plus most places record calls, so could we not request this as evidence using the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to get hold of the recorded call?

    • 7

      janefae said,

      if you’re still pissed at them, send me some details at my e-mail ( and i’ll take it forward. Add permish in the e-mail to discuss your case.

      Its not illegal to tape someone. What is important is where you subsequently wish to use that recording. Its not much use for a civil case, but may have some bearing on crim allegations. F’rinstance, in divorce/separation, i know it is standard practice to advise parties to record the hand-over of kids. Basically, it stops someone ringing the police after and alleging verbal aggression if none such took place.

      Or rather, they can still ring, but if the police hear a perfectly reasonable exchange recorded…they’ll tend not to pursue it.


      • 8

        Megan said,

        Thanks for the offer :). This was a few months ago and unless they send me anymore letters with the incorrect title I really cannot be bothered with them, they have already lost a customer due to the original phone call.

    • 9

      Liz Church said,

      You might use the Data Protection Act 1998 to get hold of the call. FOI applies to public bodies whereas you’re trying to get hold of personal data. I think you have to inform the other party if you are recording the call or you may not be able to use it as evidence. I’m not absolutely sure about it so do check with your legal adviser.

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