Support needed

Ow! Just when I though that the soreness was subsiding…the boobs strike back.

If I’m not wearing a bra, I find myself nowadays walking up and down stairs with one arm holding my chest down. Cause they’re still sore and now they jiggle and …well, sore and jiggling is NOT a good combo.

Then this morning, out at a dance sesh again. Double ow! I certainly didn’t repeat my mistake of earlier this week: I wore a crop top, but…it was a relatively mild one, as opposed to some of the more constricting, would-be corset styles I also have somewhere in the wash.

After a couple of fairly energetic numbers I though people must be noticing… the occasional wince… the way I was hugging my chest close as we jerked this way and that around the floor of the village hall.

Then, thankfully, on to some slightly less bouncy numbers and I survived.

Still. Respect! I am barely a B… and I am so aware now of the down, as well as up, side of having boobs. How the better endowed cope… wow!

I think I’d quite like to get up as far as a C. After that, I think the hassle just isn’t worth the show.



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    Jennie Kermode said,

    Breasts tend to hurt when they’re growing and not when they’ve stopped, unless they’re unusually large for your frame or you’re pregnant or lactating. Build up the right kind of muscle and they won’t bounce around much either.

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