Trans spotting

Well, it all looks very lovely. But why (oh why!) is an events company with a fine line in exotic train journeys targeting me – a trans woman who writes extensively about, er, my personal journey, IT, the law, policing, sex, sexuality and censorship?

For a moment there, being inundated with mail about “Steam Journeys to York” and “a fabulous sparkling Brunch and Afternoon Tea” on the Pullman Express to Folkestone – a snip at £260! – I thought I might have attracted the attention of a bunch of train spotters.

However, the price tags (£260 is far from the priciest) and the request that passengers not wear jeans or trainers threw that one out the window. Cliché, cliché, cliché .. .but somehow I don’t quite associate train spotting and sartorial elegance.

Nah. It’s a complete mystery (not to be confused with their latest e-mail apprising me of “an evening of dining, mystery and suspense on the steam driven Golden Arrow Pullman”).

Unless. Unless…no: it would be too silly. But I do write regularly about my trans journey. This couldn’t just be a simple case of mistaken identity: them misreading “trans” as an interest in “trains”?

Sure it can’t be…but oh so funny if it were!



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    spirifer said,

    Jane, nothing at all to do with your blog, but just a sentence from a book I was reading yesterday:

    “I awoke to Chris Evans blaring out. By the sound of it, the trannie was directly over my head in the flat upstairs.”

    Chris Evans? Shurely shome mishtake? Made me chuckle, anyway.

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