cat laughs

A laugh at the hairdresser’s today on a subject I never thought I’d find the lest humour in. I still miss my cat.

A week or so back, I thought of him and.. . the tears started again. It will be a long time before that emotion is quite gone, if ever.

All the same. After I had taken him to the vet’s for the last time, I wandered into town and had a coffee at a local café (Cinnamon, if there’s anyone from the Deepings reading this). I passed an odd hour there since, apart from being very very upset, I also bumped into a lady from church who I’d never much spoken with before and.. . we chatted and it helped a little.

OK. So far, so maudlin.

Today, at the hairdresser (pay attention at the back!) Kris, my regular stylist, was just starting to dry me off when a woman tapped me on the shoulder. Huh? But to cut a long story short: it was the café owner, checking to see if it was me and how was i.

Fine, sort of, I said, given the circumstances I’d last met her in – and seeing as how on that occasion I’d just taken my cat to the vet to have him put down.

Oh, well, she said brightly: so how is he now?

Er, he’s dead.

Eeek! Realisation set in about then as to what she’d just said. I should probably have been offended or upset (though I wasn’t either). Instead, we all of us just burst out laughing: Kris worst of all.

Cinnamon lady was, I think, quite mortified as to what she’d just asked: and relieved that I wasn’t upset. Kris was quite incapable of cutting anything for a couple of minutes. Ever so slightly worrying, as every time she approached my head with a pair of scissors she burst out laughing again.

And I laughed. I still miss him. Of course I do! But I’m glad that I can at least broach the subject now without tears.



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    kerri (australia) said,

    sorry to hear about your beloved puss, its terrible the emotion that swells up i can sympathise as we lost our cat ginger, 4 yrs ago on a return flight across australia, ginger arrived dead on the tarmac at brisbane airport, long story, but the kids saw a missing cage, the dog was dehydrated and 2 other cats not good, the service callled JETPET , told me to keep my mouth closed as didnt look good for their business, they lied about checking your pets on transfer, so i threatened legal action, they werent even going to send our gingy up, to bundaberg. i received 2 days later a dead cat in box, i picked it up from airport and yelled on my way thru the line of about 30 people, move aside dead cat coming through via jetpet….you should have seen the looks on peoples faces, this service tells people they have never had death of animals and they admitted later they actually never check your pet on a 14 hour flight or give the animal water ..i am still angry, that cat was family, he had a personality and to this day we never will know what happened to him…so yeh jane i totally understand how you feel…)

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