Well i never…

I must, I must…sooner or later… do what I keep promising myself: and that is sit down and write a bit more about my leisure activity. To wit: my dancing. Zumba classes and the like.

For now, though, just two small learnings from this evening’s class, to prove one’s never too old to find out new stuff.

First off, I learnt that I must remember to change out of my day bra before hurling myself into hot and sweaty dance exercise. The darn thing isn’t uncomfortable: but it sure as hell is not designed for the sort of exertion that Cheryl (our dance Mistress) puts us thru.

So. It wasn’t comfy. But I congratulated myself on successfully doing that slippy sort of thing, where you pull the bra strap down your sleeve and out at the wrist.

For about two seconds. After which I realized that with one strap down, I was suddenly jiggling quite alarmingly: and now the other strap was doing its best to slip out of its own accord. Bad idea.

I decided to leave well alone, and finish the class slightly embarrassed, but at least with around 50% of my modesty still intact.

Second learning – and this is the one that deserves the “well I never” tag – is about muscle memory. Huh? That is, the habit your body has of slipping into old ways, and over-ruling any new training you try and impose.

The problem is: whenever we do any dance move that leads on, say, the right leg, I move my right arm to go with it. Or vice-versa: I pair left leg and left arm.

That is wrong. Think about marching. People pair opposite arm and leg. As does every other woman in the dance class.

I do my best to over-rule it, but for some reason my body seems to think it knows better. Total mystery.

Until tonight, chatting with Cheryl. Had I learnt something in the past that would explain it, she asked.

No, I … wait a minute! About the only sport I ever did well or a lot of was ice skating and…as you limber up for speed, get into your stride, you pair same side arm and leg. Omigod! I never realized. And yet its that single habit that’s made me so ungainly in so many situations since.

Boing! I’ve learnt something both interesting and, for me, quite significant.

Now, if only I could learn how to be that much less stiff when we move…I’d be laughing.



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