Time to cover up?

Chatting to a friend from the world of consultancy today, i mentioned how i wasn’t really doing any mid-eastern work any more. Too many places where my legal status would be very dubious…and just being me could have me in prison.

She observed, mostly in jest, that maybe i could get away with it if i opted for a burqa.

Oh, wow!

That opens a can of worms and a half…

Sure, there’s the auto-comic reflex…the very idea that i don one of those outfits. Like, hey: it’d be the ultimate in passing aid.

Followed by the more serious thought. Another of those things that (some) women must endure, and that feel very different when they cease to be an abstract intellectual debate and become a real possibility.

Like: there are places now where what i wear will be dictated absolutely by blokes. Oh.

That’s quite a jaw-dropping sort of feeling.



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    Circadian said,

    It’s not unique to religion – look how “business attire” is so strongly adhered to in so many western businesses.
    I remember our workplace once holding a “come in your national costume” day (which, as an aside, I found strangely offensive). A gentleman of African origin turned up in a long, flowing colourful robe. I will admit, I felt jealous – it looked so comfortable that I wished that it would be allowed for anyone to wear any day.
    So a bunch of blokes deciding on what you should wear – a lot more common around the world than just the middle east I’m afraid.
    Which leads me off in a slightly tangential rant – Why is it that “conformity” seems to be the watchword throughout the world, yet just about all human advancement has been achieved by the exceptional individuals who look/behave/think outside the norm? Why don’t we recognise difference as being what we want (or even need) as a species rather than just “more of the same”? Vive la difference!

  2. 2

    Julian said,

    In France, a bunch of blokes have just dictated that you may not wear a burka even if you want to. Because empowering women includes regulating their dress, apparently.

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