Frying tonight…

…or maybe tomorrow. Yes. As posted about a month back, i’m starting electrolysis tomorrow.

And because i am on aspirin, i am not allowed an injected anaesthetic. OMG!

It can’t ne THAT painful. Can it? Because i am a complete wuss as far as pain goes.

If you hear screaming coming from the vicinity of Wimpole ST some time around mid-day tomorrow…that’ll be me. 😦



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    Lucy Melford said,

    It isn’t very painful if it’s the ‘blend’ method, except of course on the bow of the upper lip. Elsewhere it can be so undramatic that you might feel like snoozing off. Each follicle takes a few seconds all told, so electrolysis is slow; but the discomfort usually bearable.

    It’s the laser I hate. By comparison that’s like a sharp, painful slap in the face, and of course it’s a pain you brace yourself for, as if it were a form of torture!


  2. 2

    janefae said,

    the bow of the upper “lip”? er…we’re talking genitals here, so not sure whether that applies.

    Although it does bring a smile to my face, reminding me of an evening spent many years back in the company of some Italian businessmen and an american woman with very poor italian.

    Talking of plastic surgery, she attempted to explain she had had implants in her lips: “nelle sue labbre”.

    What she actually said, to the amazement of the businessmen, was that she’d had the implants “nelle sue labie”. Quite a different thing altogether.

    Oh, the looks that passed around the table, with no-one quite able to explain to her her faux pas.


  3. 3

    Stace said,

    I can imagine that would have raised a few eyebrows 🙂


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