The slogan

I knew i was tired, because the one thing i intended to add to my last “distillation” post isn’t there.

If we are to take this campaign to the RCPsych and beyond, then there is just one slogan we need – one that will at the same time send the feminist transphobes into paroxysms of rage and which is entirely appropriate to what we want.

It is, of course: “Our bodies, our lives, our right to decide!”

Go for it!



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    sophia said,

    Trying to make something work around ‘Julie Bindel is to trans people what David Irving is to holocaust survivors’ and failing. Maybe it makes sense to refer to her and Greer etc as transsexuality deniers though.

    • 2

      janefae said,

      oh. i think there’s two, maybe three, separate issues here.

      My comparison of Bindel et al to David Irving is in relation to the effect she has. That is, if you’re in a discriminated against minority group, then seeing someone being given a platform to talk about you who is actively opposed to your very existence…that’s the reson for the comparison i have been drawing.

      You are looking at the question of what it is apt to describe such people AS. There, i’d agree, the comparison starts to fall apart.

      Finally, there is the question of the slogan and the stance that we can take – and i think it makes a lot of sense to put forward something positive around our demands and how we believe we should be treated. I do passionately believe that this is to do with body autonomy and therefore i have great difficulty understanding how those who would recognise that issue in respect of, say, women’s issues, are so keen to deny it has any validity for other groups.


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    Circadian said,

    Good choice. The slogan was right then – it’s right now.

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