The very distant possibility of doing some work again overseas. So-o…now that I am used to how trans-friendly (or unfriendly) the UK is, which countries are relatively safe, which not?


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    sophia said,

    For me central/ northern europe are similar or better, southern a bit more problematic and eastern unspeakable.
    Think it makes far more of a difference what kind of socio-economic group you’re in though. Plenty of trans women living in urban estates in the UK and europe who very, very rarely venture out of home.

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    I haven’t travelled abroad since pre-transition days, but would consider that countries within Europe, Scandinavia, Australasia and North America would generally be considered safe for transpeople and the Middle East and Africa would be a no-go area, based on various countries’ policies towards homosexuality as a benchmark (given that a country that doesn’t accept homosexuality tends to lump transpeople into the same group).

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    Circadian said,

    Sorry this isn’t really an appropriate place to post this, but wanted to say thanks for all your articles on the Register – now I have another place to check on the web! Glad to hear that one of my favourite writers from the past is alive and well, and simply writing under a new name (was wondering before, but now I know).
    Good health and happiness to you, wherever you may end up writing from (especially if you keep a cynical eye on how the UK is doing)

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      janefae said,

      aw. thanks! a long way back, when this all started, one or two old hands wondered what the laddish readership over at El Reg would make of my, er, transition. However, i have been incredibly impressed by the way in which those who have worked it out have been supportive. So thanks for the kindness.


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