Party Protocol?

I like parties. 🙂

Any excuse. Or almost.

So-o…is it “done” to celebrate the grs itself? I suspect the answer most will come back with is: whatever floats your boat.

And, right now, my feeling is, if i have a definite date, i’d very much like to party the day before i go into hospital.

Not after: at least, not for a while. Even if the op itself is as straightforward as i have been informed, i suspect i won’t be doing much dancing for a while after.

Definitely no zumba!

But the weekend before? Definitely tempting.

A leave-taking: a goodbye to the old…and a looking forward to the new.



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  1. 1

    Liz Church said,

    Wait a year, I would.

    • 2

      janefae said,

      Huh? You worried i might regret it? 🙂

      Seriously, though: I know we’ve discussed this at length. There is other stuff going on right now that means i am never likely to be as private or as stealth as some individuals who transition.

      That may be mistake: but its who i am.

      There’s a little bit of seriousness in having a party before grs. But there’s also just a lot of life in the idea. This is celebration of life and change to come.

      A year later, its a celebration of an anniversary. Nice, but not quite the same thing.

      and…if i follow trans tradition…it means i gain cancer as a secondary star sign. Not at all sure i like the idea of that.


  2. 3

    Lucy Melford said,

    Party your head off, Jane, if you want.

    I didn’t, but then I was concerned about catching cold or worse close to the op. I put myself into quarantine. But you don’t have to!


  3. 4

    cnlester said,

    I had a party afterwards. It coincided with the tenth anniversary of my coming out, and it seemed like to good an opportunity to miss. I got to show off in a velvet jacket, and every guest had to come as a famous/important/fatuous LGBTQ personage or reference. I was Oscar Wilde – we had Noel Coward, Sappho, Dorothy (with Toto) – and Gok Wan (oh dear). I highly recommend it – one of the most joyful nights of my life.

    The evening before the op I had coffee and cake with my very closest friends in a ‘let’s toast to the new and good luck’ kind of way.


  4. 5

    Toni LD said,

    Afterwards would be better and low key…doing stuff before is always tempting fate in my book…

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