Making a date…

An interesting day. A different day (and more of it later).

The big news, however, is that today i made my way south to Brighton, where i met my likely future surgeon (Mr Thomas).

We talked things thru, established some ground rules and so on…and we set a date.

Provisional, of course, because the big obstacle remains my hair – or lack thereof. Electrolysis beckons!

However, all being well, the electrolysis expert agreeing with the medical bods that i don’t need to remove LOADS of hair, then we do have a provisional date.

July 4 for admission: July 5 for the surgery itself.

Suddenly everything is in perspective. We have a timetable and even if it slips, there is something to work toward. A goal. Yes, at last, a date!

A bit more detail tomorrow.



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  1. 1

    Lucy Melford said,

    If you want a visitor, Jane, I’m more than happy to drop by and say hello, as I live only a few miles away from the Nuffield.

    Not on 6 July though, which is my 59th birthday, unless you’re prepared to be in party mood. Of course you might well be!


  2. 3

    Jane B. said,

    So cool ;D

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