Hollywood’s Queen?

Oh dear. Maybe not quite what was intended. Or maybe, knowing the subtle way in which some editors work, exactly what they meant.

Today, sadly, Liz Taylor died. This news was announced on the main ITN News in suitably predictable fashion: a film clip from Cleopatra, with voice over stating in sombre fashion “Hollywood’s Queen.. . Elizabeth Taylor.. . is dead”

Well, that was the general idea.

Here’s what they actually did>

Run stock shot of Liz, cutting to

Shot of Rex Harrison seated on a throne and smiling his most beatific smile (v/o: “Hollywood’s Queen”)

Cut to

Shot of Liz Taylor as Cleopatra (v/o: “Elizabeth Taylor”).

Sere what they did there? Now, surely, that wasn’t intended. Was it?

I guess only one of the ITN cutting crew actually know the answer to that.




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