Not quite the right message…

Lent kicked off this week, with Ash Wednesday. Mindful of the fact that many of the younger members of the congregation will have missed going to mass on the Wednesday (what with parental work commitments and so on), our parish priest invited the children into the first half of today’s Mass, and did the slightly right on thing.

You know: what’s Ash Wednesday about? What could you do for lent? What might you give up? (apparently none of them would give up TV).

Cue loads of tongue-tied kids unable to string two words together.

Afterward, the boy looked thoughtful (twas another of those winnie the pooh moments): so God is against fighting and the Devil is in favour of it?


“Well, in that case, I’m with the devil”.

Oh dear. I don’t think that was quite the intended lesson.

Unsure whether to point out that Christians have done a fair bit of killing and fighting down the ages too, or to attempt to convince the boy that fighting is generally a bad thing. I suspect the former might be easier – but less “politically correct” as far as church doctrine is concerned



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  1. 1

    Angela Davis said,

    I’ve vowed to give up caviar for Lent. Pray for me!

    Angie xx

  2. 2

    spirifer said,

    Now this is having children at a faith school comes in – E was complaining about having to attend a VERY long Mass at school on Wednesday, where they put blue (?) ash on her head. It was all a bit Father Ted – “Oh, we do enjoy a good, long Mass, father”…

    For a rather hilarious child’s musings on religion, check out “Karen’s Spritual Journey” from “Outnumbered” on YouTube.

  3. 3

    andrea said,

    i thought we all gave up pancakes for Lent?

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