Bullets and bracelets!

In Warehouse this afternoon, and eying up their accessories display, I find myself wishing I could just walk out the store with half their stuff in my handbag. Its not brilliant, as jewellery goes, but there is a solidity and intricate shapeliness to it that I love.

In the end, I took the plunge and walked away with a solid steel bracelet that I’ve been drooling over for the last three or four weeks. When I say solid, I mean solid.

The pic below* should give some idea of what I mean – although not even the Warehouse version get close.

Wonder Woman

Still, I am pleased with them. As I don my bracelet, another memory stirs.

Oh yes: I was an avid super-hero fan when I was young and… which superhero did I want to be? Not Batman. Certainly not prim and proper Superman or eternally tormented soul, Spiderman.

I quite liked Thor, for many years – though I suspect it was the weird combination of sci-fi and Norse myth that attracted me (a similar fascination for the supernatural drew me to Doc Strange).

But was there one superhero I rather identified with and, from time to time imagined being.

Er, yes.


Step forward Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman… definitely another odd fantasy for a teenage boy to have been having. 🙂

Still, i have the bracelet…now all i need is the magic golden lasso… and a figure to match. I fear the lasso might be an easier goal to achieve. 😦


* note: this pic was taken from the site of collider.com on the basis that it is not being used for commercial purposes in any way. Anyone wanting to make use of it themselves really should go and read their T’s and C’s..


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    Jane said,

    I’m sure I know exactly what kind of Wharehouse braclet your talking about.
    When I saw one shopping the other day with my twin sis I was like “OoOh ! a Wonder Woman braclet!” LOL
    Sadly such lovely stuff is made for petiet ladies and not a Trans Amazon like myself,I couldn’t get it on my hand let alone my wrist ;P

    I spent my entire childhood pretending I was Linda Carter smashing through windows and being deeply Amazoinian . Aged 5, I specifically made my King Herod crown (for the school nativity play) in the syle of W.W’s tiara so it could be part of my planned costume ….

    Loveing your blog btw, and that classic Alex Ross pic of Dianna 😉

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